Tatar answers Anastasiadis: We will continue the opening in Varosi

"The pseudo-state will resolutely continue the initiative for Varosi, ie the opening of the fenced area of ​​Famagusta"

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The Varosi initiative will continue with determination, with respect for property rights and in the context of the decisions of the ECtHR, said the Turkish leader, commenting on the recent statements of the President of the Republic and the characterization "legal trap" for the "real estate committee". ».

According to reports in the occupied territories, in a written statement yesterday afternoon, Ersin Tatar linked President Anastasiadis's statements with the 2023 presidential elections and claimed that they aimed at candidates who encouraged the Greek Cypriots from Varosi to apply to the "real estate committee". ", Saying that the President of the Republic had characterized as wrong - as he said - the appeal of the Greek Cypriot to this" committee ".

To support this claim, Mr. Tatar said - meaning Anastasiadis's reference to a "legal trap" - the decision of the "committee" to make EVKAF an interested party in a application concerning Varosi.

According to the ECtHR, the Turkish leader added that the "real estate committee", which continues to operate as an effective domestic remedy, handles applications that have increased with the Varosi initiative "with effective and in a timely manner, "he said.

This decision, he continued, is based on a procedure contained in the "legislation" of the "committee", which has been reviewed by the ECtHR and was created taking into account the principles of natural justice, and which allows the "committee" to make a final decision. after hearing the arguments of all concerned.

"Justice requires that all parties involved be duly heard. Trying to prevent this means trying to prevent justice. "A similar decision by the real estate commission, which accepted the 'administration of institutions (EVKAF) as an' interested party ', had previously been reviewed and approved by the three-member supreme administrative court," Ersin Tatar said, referring to pseudo-state institutions.

While this is the situation, Mr. Tatar said, he claimed that characterizing President Anastasiadis as a "negative development" of a "regular and procedural decision" of the "committee" is an "unsubstantiated argument". "Ignoring the legal facts, the goal of the Greek Cypriot leader is once again not to resort to legal remedies that respect the property rights of Greek Cypriot residents, but to collect political points with false statements," he claimed.

The "real estate commission" is not a legal trap, Tatar said, but quite the opposite, "an effective mechanism to ensure access to property rights for all beneficiaries, including former residents, in accordance with the European Convention on Human Rights." Rights ".

He concludes by saying that the pseudo-state will resolutely continue the initiative for Varosi, meaning the opening of the fenced area of ​​Famagusta.

Source: KYPE