Archdiocesan: In the parishes on Monday the preliminary lists

Everything you need to know about the Archdiocesan elections

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The Church of Cyprus, in order to be able to validly and timely conduct the upcoming Archbishop's Elections, informs every interested party after the necessary and relevant consultation and consultation with the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection has already taken place that the Preliminary Lists with those permitted by the Commissioner data will be in each parish and community of each Archpriestly Province on Monday.

According to an announcement by the Church of Cyprus, the Preliminary Lists will not contain the new registrations, which took place within the predetermined period, but which will be included in the final lists.

In addition, the Preliminary Lists do not include the persons who exercised their right to be removed within the predetermined period.

The printed Preliminary Lists will be in a person authorized and responsible for their safekeeping in each parish and community and will refer only to the parish or community.

This authorized person will be limited and only able to provide relevant information only for the person who is interested if he is on the list and for no other third party, always in accordance with the strict instructions of the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection.

At the same time and until Wednesday 7.12.2022, each interested party may make an objection, on a special form, only regarding the person of the understanding that this objection does not concern the following, and for which any objection will not be accepted or request for new registration of either Cypriots or non-Cypriots, for deletion from the list, regarding a change of parish or community as the relevant decision of the Holy Synod, by any person in relation to issues concerning any other third party.

According to the announcement, the Church of Cyprus from 18.00 on December 6, 2022, will provide a relevant link on its website entitled "Learn Who You Vote" and every interested party with their personal information will be able to be informed exactly where they are voting, including Archpriestly Province, Community/Parish and Election Center.

Source: KYPE