The battle has begun in the Parliament for sex education in schools

The debate on the proposed law on sex education in schools began on Friday morning in the Plenary Session of the Parliament

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The debate on the proposed law on sex education in schools began on Friday morning in the Plenary Session of the Parliament.

The President of DIKO described the proposal for sex education in schools as blatantly unconstitutional. "The Parliament has no right to decide what the curriculum is. This initiative will hinder teaching in the end", said Mr. Papadopoulos, among other things.

"The House cannot be blackmailed in any position before its verdict, said the President of the House. It is not the first time that the President has sent letters for the interventions of the Executive power", the Speaker of the House said, among other things, in her intervention.

Sotiris Ioannou spoke on behalf of ELAM, who among other things said that his movement disagrees and will vote against the proposal. "Nothing is described beyond an aristology. We would accept it under conditions. If we were telling the truth. That there are two sexes, the boy and the girl, and this is distinguished by their organs. if we told them how to protect themselves from danger.

This is not what will be implemented in schools. It has been implemented in other countries and we have examples... I challenge anyone to tell us what sex education entails and why it should be compulsory. Do you want us to protect children from rapists? Let's do it, let's vote for more severe penalties... like chemical castration for all rapists."

"Hands off the children... respect for the purity and sanctity of childhood is needed...", among other things, said the ELAM MP. "It doesn't matter if they are gay or straight, only the parent can decide on the sexual education of the children...", he added.

"We want it as a subject that is taught in High School... there are regulations of the Parliament.

He spoke of a violation of the rules of the House. Even the Prosecutor said that the Constitution is being violated and you are ignoring it. There was no preparation of material... of a program schedule... The Prosecutor's Office says no, the Ministry says no, OELMEK says no...", said Chrysanthos Savvidis on behalf of DIKO, among others.

Independent MP Andreas Themistokleous took the floor.

"I don't recognize any of them tampering with the Constitution and determining whether MPs should speak in this room. I am ashamed.. here is the temple of Democracy.

Only in North Korea and some sub-Saharan beach or some Amazonian tribe can there be a Parliament that some have decided that the MPs will not be entitled to stand on a matter under vote.

Our infamous theme.. reading the preamble to the law one realizes that whoever wrote it was driven by a sick brain. Dear colleagues, we are living a pornographic and homosexual storm. Let's start with the unconstitutionality of the law. Why is this law unconstitutional? For many and various..

First. He went to the human rights committee.. these matters are regulated by the education committee. But because colleagues love catchy topics and chose instead to go to the competent committee.. they should have gone to the trade committee there would have been more seriousness.

Second reason. It is clear through the Constitution that what is taught today and who teaches it in public schools, is not the job of Parliament to determine... it is the job of the Executive," he said in quotes.