Students and schools enter the final straight

The exams of the first four months begin.

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The countdown for the closing of the schools has started as next Thursday is their last day of operation in view of the Christmas holidays.

A period that is expected to be particularly important mainly for the students of Lyceums and Technical Schools, who are expected to use it in addition to rest and for preparation as on January 14 the exams of the first four months begin. The interest is focused more on the senior students, as from the beginning of the school year OELMEK raises the issue of material, teaching time, as well as the need for timely announcement of the schedules of the year, within which three examination procedures will be conducted: the examinations of the first and second four months and the Pancyprian Examinations for access purposes to the Universities of Cyprus and Greece. 

But in addition to the educational part and the preparation for exams, the health one also plays an important role as all the involved bodies with intense concern about how the pandemic is progressing, converge in the position of need as the schools remain open and safe. This is because the teaching time for another school year is considered to be particularly important, as many children due to coronavirus for a long time are in-out of schools.

However, for his part, the Minister of Education, Prodromos Prodromou, stated that case numbers in schools are limited. In his statements in Paphos on the sidelines of the inauguration of the new building of the Municipal Philharmonic, Mr. Prodromou stated that "We have repeatedly published numbers. "At a time when we may have 600-700 cases in the community, there are a few dozen in schools." noting that in 690 plus cases, less than 20 are detected in school checks.

As the competent minister stated, the issue is not where they are located, but that there is a significant number of incidents, "So we must continue to respect the measures." In addition, he added, there is a control over SafePass in schools and the vaccination program has been launched for children as well, noting that despite the reservations, everyone should understand that vaccination is the best way to protect themselves.

According to Prodromos Prodromou, already in Secondary Education, training is provided by specialists in schools to encourage children.

Besides, tomorrow the PSEM carries out its mobilization on the way to the Presidential Palace, demanding a suspension of the exams every four months.