Anastasiadis sees epidemiologists - The information about the opening of the restaurant

Critical next week - Epidemiologists climb the hill of the Presidential Palace

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The next week, after the President of the Republic and Epidemiologists meet at the Presidential Palace on Tuesday, in order to evaluate the data of the epidemiological picture, after the increase of the positive cases of coronavirus, as well as the increase of the number of patients, observed in the last days.

As KYPE is informed, for the time being, the opening of the restaurant, which has been decided for March 16, is not in danger, as well as the return of the students of the Gymnasiums to their classes.

However, the decisions already made will be judged next week by the two most well-known factors, which are the number of cases and the pressure in public hospitals, which is reflected in the treatment of patients.

The experts are going to inform the President of the Republic about the epidemiological picture, while it is not ruled out that they will present suggestions for further relaxations from March 16, if and as long as the epidemiological picture of the country is not burdened.

Besides, as a valid source states in KYPE, the meeting scheduled for Tuesday is as relevant as ever, since until then there will be a complete picture of the prevailing trends, while the issue can be examined comprehensively in relation to whether it is worrying or not the increase observed and take appropriate decisions, always under the guidance of experts.

The same source states that although there is concern and concern due to the increase in positive cases of coronavirus, as well as the increase in hospitalizations in recent days, the opening of the restaurant continues to be oriented for the second fortnight of March, based on strict protocols.

However, the fear of going back to where the padlock will come from restaurants and cafes remains, adds the same source.

"It will be difficult for change to take place. The pressure will be tremendous. At the moment nothing changes until March 16. For the time being, the opening of the restaurant is valid, although there is an increase of cases and patients ", he notes.

The issue of lifting the decision to open the restaurant will be on the table if and when the increase in daily cases and hospitalization is rapid.

According to the same information, epidemiologists insist on small steps until the end of the month, when vaccination coverage will increase further, which is expected to reach 40% to 45%.

In the meantime, a meeting of the Interministerial Committee will be held on Monday, which will examine the issue of the reopening of the restaurants, as well as the protocol that is already being prepared for their operation.