"Voices" of nightclub owners: "Finally the fairy tale ..."

"We demand an end to this story. Half of the businesses are closed "

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At noon and something, the Spokesperson of the nightclubs, Nikos Vassilios, was hosted, who spoke about the epidemiological picture, while he mentioned that many businesses have been closed.

He initially said that they apply all the health measures issued by the state, adding that before closing, they had implemented the reception measure only vaccinated and with a rapid test during the day.

He added that there is an increase in daily cases and a decrease in patients. "In this process we were absent and we do not put the unvaccinated in the entertainment venues."

He clarified that they will continue to be strict and will only put vaccinated people in the premises. "We demand an end to this story. "Half of the businesses are closed," he said.

Mr. Vassiliou stated that they have scientifically documented that their premises are in a better condition than the Malls, shops and workplaces. "We invited the epidemiological team to come and see our sites," he said, adding that many epidemiologists do not know what the fun area is.

Finally, he stated that they had a meeting today with the Ministry of Health and they canceled it without explanation.

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