Mavroyiannis discussed the possibility of supporting his candidacy with the Environmentalists

What Andreas Mavroyiannis and Charalambos Theopeptou reported

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On Monday afternoon, the independent candidate for the presidency of the Republic, Andreas Mavroyiannis, discussed the possibility of supporting his candidacy for the presidency of the Republic with the leadership of the Environmental Movement, under its President Charalambos Theopeptou.

After the meeting, Mr. Theopeptou stated that together with Andreas Mavroyiannis "we had the opportunity to discuss many issues and particularly issues that interest us, such as the green and digital transition and the changes that must be made in government services and systems we install in Cyprus".

He added that "the issues of energy policy were discussed, the high costs that citizens face and which will become even more unbearable with the situation we know, and the issues that will change taxation." As the President of the Environmentalists said, "we have also discussed the issues of corruption, but also a number of other issues which we had the pleasure of analyzing with Mr. Mavroyiannis, whom I thank for the visit".

For his part, Mr. Mavroyiannis stated that "we have discussed all these issues that Mr. Theopeptou said and we have - in our opinion at least - found that we are doing a similar analysis and to a large extent our positions coincide, which it is not – if you will – a surprise for us and it is also the main reason we came here”.

As Andreas Mavroyiannis said, "we came, not just to ask for the support of the Movement, we came to discuss the possibilities of a real alliance that will allow our country to move forward through green development, through the real green change that for us it does not only include the protection of the environment - in the narrow sense of the term - but it includes all the issues of our lives, even the big political issues, such as the Cyprus issue".

Concluding, he declared "very happy for the discussion we had with Mr. Theopeptou and the leadership of the Movement and we expect that this cooperation will be successful and will create better and closer prospects for tomorrow".