Dr. Sophocles Sophocles: "Light lockdown" with the exception of vaccinated with 3rd dose

The script according to Dr. Sophocles is tested and has succeeded

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The tightening of the measures is at the center of the discussions of the Minister of Health and the members of the Advisory Scientific Committee. The discussions will include the opening of schools, church services for the Epiphany as well as gatherings in homes.

In his statements on the Alpha Good Morning show, the nuclear doctor Dr. Sophocles Sophocles, said lockdown is the only way to stem the pandemic outbreak.

It is the only way, according to him, to limit personal contacts. And he went on to say that, it is something tried and tested and he gave it example of the first lockdown in March, where the numbers had fallen. He added that other European countries had applied it in the case of Delta and Omicron, such as Austria, which had 1.000 cases.

The constant changes of the measures, as he mentioned, created confusion among the citizens and to improve the image, Cyprus needs one «Light Lockdown»

He then explained that, by that he means that some will be excluded from the lockdown, talking about those vaccinated with three doses, who will take the mandatory test. The lockdown, he noted again, reduces contacts. If this is done, according to him, the cases will be reduced.

"If the goal is to drop from 5.000 to 1.000 then I will need four weeks, if it is to drop them to 3.000 then it will take two weeks."