Cyprus is full of green ecological stands

Green Pavilions will be installed in fifty (50) remote and mountainous local authorities

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The tender contract was signed today for the supply and installation of 50 prefabricated green kiosks (Green Kiosks) for separate recycling in mountainous and remote areas of all the provinces of Cyprus.

According to an announcement by the Department of Environment, the contract was signed by the Department and the project contractor, in the presence of the General Directorate of Development, due to the fact that it is a milestone in the Recovery and Resilience Plan of Cyprus 2021-2026.

"The contract will have a duration of twenty-five (25) months and its value amounts to €3.274.000 excluding VAT", it states.

The Green Pavilions will be installed in fifty (50) remote and mountainous local Authorities in all the Provinces of Cyprus. Specifically, these are eight Communities in Nicosia District, 16 Communities in Paphos District, 14 Communities in Limassol District, ten Communities and one Municipality in Larnaca District and one Community in Famagusta District. The installation of the Green Pavilions is expected to be completed in the first half of 2026.

The Green Pavilion is a small Recyclable Materials Sorting Center appropriately configured in a small modified container, which accepts separated recyclable materials from citizens.

It is added that the aim of the Green Pavilion is to record the quality and quantity of incoming materials, as well as to achieve detailed separation and recovery of high purity and high value materials. It also has an anthropocentric character due to the physical presence of an operator.

According to the announcement, the Green Pavilion will accept paper/cardboard, plastic, glass, metal and special flows, while additionally materials that can easily, without any kind of processing, be reused can be made available at the Green Pavilion. For example, clothing and footwear, toys, CDs and books. As far as special flows are concerned, these consist of edible fats and oils (frying oils), lamps, electrical and electronic devices of small size, as well as household batteries - accumulators.

The Green Pavilions are an action of the LIFE IP CYzero WASTE-LIFE20/IPE/CY/000011 Project, "Smart Monitoring and Effective Waste Reduction in Cyprus". The design of the Green Pavilion is a prototype unit of the National Technical University of Athens, as a project partner, and was successfully implemented in remote areas and islands in Greece.

Source: KYPE