The President briefs European leaders on the new Turkish challenges

The President will ask his counterparts to emphasize to Ankara the importance of ending the challenges and returning the Cyprus issue to a solution path.

b anastasiadis6 Cyprus

The President of the Republic will participate today and tomorrow in the Special Session of the European Council in Brussels.

During the Summit, the latest developments in the situation in Ukraine will be discussed ∙ The energy issue, including the high prices hit hard by households and businesses across Europe and the issues of the EU's dependence on minerals ∙ the dramatic consequences of the war in Ukraine on global food security and the serious risks of destabilization in many parts of the world due to rising prices ∙ and, finally, the EU's ambitions for a strong and coordinated European defense.

I would like to note that at the moment we are talking about intensive negotiations, at a technical level, with a view to reaching an agreement on the sixth package of sanctions against Russia, which aim to increase pressure to end the Russian attack on Ukraine. . Like all partners, we are participating constructively in the discussions that are taking place, bearing in mind the guidelines governing the imposition of sanctions, that is, that they should be sustainable and have a much greater economic impact on Russia than in the EU Member States. We are optimistic that an agreement will eventually be possible, which will then be ratified by the European Council.

I would also like to emphasize the fact that during the Summit, President Anastasiadis will present to his European counterparts the new illegal actions of the Turkish side in the enclave of Varos, but also the generally unacceptable and provocative behavior of Turkey, both against Cyprus and Greece, as well as the revisionist positions that Turkey continues to put forward in the context of a solution to the Cyprus problem.

The President will ask his counterparts to emphasize to Ankara the importance of ending the challenges and returning the Cyprus issue to a settlement path, based on what the Security Council resolutions on Cyprus provide.

He will also inform them in person about our side's efforts to break the deadlock, including in a letter he sent last week to the Turkish Cypriot leader on Confidence-Building Measures to assist in the resumption of the negotiation process, taking into account the the fact that the perpetuation of the status quo is not to the benefit of anyone, nor of course of the Turkish Cypriot community itself.

I would like to point out here that, regarding the issues of the Cyprus problem, including the new illegal actions by the occupying regime, but also the actions taken by our side to remove the impasse, the President of the Republic refers extensively in letters that he has sent a few hours ago to the Turkish Cypriot leader, the UN Secretary General, the leaders of the guarantor powers, all European leaders, the President of the European Council, the President of the European Commission and the President of the European Parliament.