Eleven centimeters of snow in two hours in Troodos - "Elpis" is coming (vid)

The weather in detail

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The weather system "Elpis" continues to affect Cyprus, which gives pan-Cypriot rains but also snow in mountainous and semi-mountainous areas.

Speaking on SIGMA's show "Front Page", the Director of the Meteorological Department, Kleanthis Nikolaidis, stated that the low barometric pressure is not expected to affect Cyprus in the intensity and extent that affects Greece.

He stressed that no snowfall is expected in Cyprus at a height of less than 600 meters.

Today, phenomena are expected to occur throughout the day.

As he said, in the area of ​​Troodos, within two hours, the height of the snow has increased by 11 centimeters (63 centimeters in total).

It is worth noting that a yellow warning has been issued for prolonged rains and thunderstorms, which will be in force until 16:00 in the afternoon.

The weather in detail

A barometric low called Elpis will affect the area until Wednesday night.

Today the weather will be cloudy with local rains and isolated thunderstorms. Snowfall is expected in the higher mountains. Locally the effects will be prolonged and intense. Gradually until late in the afternoon the weather will improve significantly. The winds will initially blow mainly southwesterly, moderate to strong 4 to 5 beauforts and in the leeches up to very strong, 6 beauforts to later become mainly southwesterly to westerly, moderate 4 and temporarily up to strong, 5 beauforts. The sea will be generally rough. The temperature will rise to 12 degrees inland, around 14 on the coast and 2 degrees in the higher mountains. Locally in the higher mountains there will be frost.

In the evening the weather will be partly cloudy and individual rains are likely to fall, mainly on the beaches. The winds will blow southwest to northwest, weak to moderate 3 to 4 beauforts but initially on the leeward coast, to strong, 5 beauforts. The sea will be wavy but will gradually become turbulent. The temperature will drop to 1 degree inland, to 7 on the west coast, around 4 on the rest of the coast and to -7 degrees in the higher mountains. Frost will form in the mountains, semi-mountains and leeward areas of the interior.

On Wednesday the weather will be at times mostly cloudy and local rains and isolated thunderstorms are expected, mainly in the afternoon and evening hours. Snowfall is expected in the mountains. The temperature will drop slightly, to fluctuate significantly below the climatic averages.

On Thursday and Friday the weather will be mostly clear but from time to time there will be increased clouds, which may give isolated rains. The temperature will gradually rise slightly.