Amm / stou: 47 complaints for violation of the decree - 299 nationwide

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A total of 299 complaints from drivers and pedestrians were made by the Police as part of the 18.431 checks carried out from 6 yesterday afternoon until 6 this morning for violation of the traffic ban measures imposed to stop the coronavirus pandemic.

As a representative of the Press Office of the Police Headquarters stated in KYPE, by province, 5.000 driver and pedestrian checks and 79 complaints were carried out in Nicosia, 2.878 checks and 77 complaints in Limassol, 2.569 checks and 53 complaints in Larnaca, 3.812 checks and 30 complaints in Paphos. , in Famagusta 1.937 checks and 47 complaints and in Morphou 947 checks and 2 complaints.

In addition, the Headquarters Traffic proceeded with 868 checks and 11 complaints and the MMAD with 92 complaints.

A total of 3301 complaints and 105.994 inspections have been made so far.

Speaking on SIGMA's "Front Page" show, Mr. Andreou said that there is a decrease in complaints compared to the previous days.

Regarding the inspections in premises, Mr. Andreou stated that the Police proceeded to 1065 inspections and 22 complaints emerged in the last 12 hours.

According to what he mentioned, these are establishments such as banks or pharmacies that did not have the necessary markings.

Source: sigmalive