Two complaints are being investigated by the Police regarding the Avakum Monastery case

"He didn't have to pay the electricity because he gave thousands of euros in donations to the Monastery"

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Two complaints are currently being investigated by the Police regarding the case of the Avakum Monastery in Fterikoudi.

Speaking to Trito, Police spokesperson Christos Andreou said that the first complaint, regarding financial matters, was made late last Friday afternoon by the Holy Metropolis of Tamassos and Orini and is being investigated by the Financial Crimes Prosecution Sub-Directorate.

The second complaint was made by four monks and is being investigated by a unit of another Force Service.

He noted that a letter subsequently reached the police which is also being investigated.

He said taking depositions is still ongoing.

Mr. Andreou added that, last Tuesday, two plainclothes policemen went to the Monastery to supervise the receipt of objects and other ecclesiastical paraphernalia by officials of the Diocese of Tamasos.

"The police," he said, "did not see a safe, or hooded men."

Revelations regarding the activity of the Abvakum monastery were made in the Morning Itinerary by the resident of Palaichori, writer Sofronis Sofroniou.

He mentioned that an elderly woman did not have to pay for the electricity because she gave thousands of euros in donations to the Monastery, while she also talked about transfers of estates to the Monastery.

Mr. Sofroniou reported the activity of the Monastery both to the Crime Investigation Department, two years ago, and to the Metropolitan of Tamasos and Orinis, last April.

He noted that in Tae they told him that the role of the Police is over, since what was done had the permission of the Metropolis.

Sofronis Sofroniou said that the extravagant projection of miracles and its canonization, by three major Cypriot television channels, contributed to the strengthening of the popularity of the Avvakum Monastery.

Source: riknews