Over 1,300 complaints in the three days of Holy Monday

The Police report for the three days

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Prioritizing the safety and service of citizens, as well as increasing the degree of response to various incidents, the Police implemented a special action plan during the three days of Holy Monday, from the afternoon of Friday, March 15, until the evening of Monday, March 18.

During the period in question, the presence of the Police was intense both in public places and on the road network, to prevent traffic collisions, to ease traffic, as well as to provide all possible assistance to road users .

For the prevention of crime and especially property crimes, such as burglaries, thefts, and robberies, additional measures were taken, with foot and motorized patrols, in the cities, but also in the countryside.

Traffic Measures

The measures taken by the Traffic Department and the Provincial Police Directorates included the intensification of motor patrols and an increased presence of their members, especially on the roads leading to the coasts and mountainous areas, with the aim of increasing the safety of the road network, without road traffic collisions and injuries.

During the three days there was no serious road collision.

The return of the excursions went smoothly to the cities.

Traffic Controls

During the three-day period, Cyprus-wide traffic checks were also carried out, with a particular emphasis on violations that have been proven to contribute to fatal and serious road traffic collisions, such as excessive speed, dangerous overtaking, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, using a mobile phone while driving driving, and failing to wear a seat belt or protective helmet.

From Friday to Monday night, more than 1,300 complaints were received all over Cyprus for various traffic violations.

430 drivers were reported for exceeding the speed limit
76 persons were reported for driving under the influence of alcohol
66 persons for not wearing a seat belt and protective helmet, and
26 drivers for using a mobile phone while driving
The remaining complaints were for various other traffic violations.

Operational Action

The presence of members of the Police was also intense in public traffic areas, since additional measures were taken to prevent crimes against property, such as thefts from persons and parked vehicles, burglaries and thefts in real estate, and robberies.

Throughout the three days, foot and motorized patrols were particularly increased, in the cities, but also in the countryside, to prevent delinquency and nuisance phenomena, as well as crime in general.

Providing Assistance

Members of the Police also responded to various incidents that arose due to the weather conditions, providing assistance in the context of their duties, in collaboration with other Services such as the Fire Service, Local Authorities, Civil Defense, and volunteers.