Complaints about financing to the Broadcasting Authority are before the Audit Office

What was discussed

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The complaints of the Audit Service regarding the alleged financing of a former member of the Broadcasting Authority, were discussed by the Audit Committee of the Parliament, in the context of the discussion of the report of the Auditor General for the Broadcasting Authority.

In a statement issued after the meeting, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Audit Committee, Zacharias Koulias, said that "Several colleagues have complained about criminal matters."

He stated that as informed by the Assistant Attorney General, the reason why the Legal Service could not proceed was because the complainant gave the papers but did not want to cooperate to testify and appear in court to support the writings he gave.

DISY MP Rita Theodorou Superman, in her statements, said that it seems that issues, which have been the concerns of the Authority Councils for years, "have been included in the Auditor General's Report and today are being implemented, I would say, the Auditor General από the Radio and Television Authority ".

"Other issues that have been reported are being resolved by the Ministry of Interior to the Ministry of Finance and concern the pension of the Director General of the Broadcasting Authority, which according to the opinion of the Attorney General now seems to be legally given to the Director General of the Authority." .

Regarding the complaint of a canal chief against a member of the Board of the Authority, many years ago, Ms. Superman said that it is not possible to express secure views on this issue, because this case was investigated by the Police and closed by the Legal Service due to lack of testimony.

"Any position on this issue is dangerous and would create false impressions, because each currency has two sides and the data we had in front of us, can be explained in different ways," he added.

AKEL MP, Irini Charalambidou, in her statements said that the Audit Service has submitted evidence today, which raises questions regarding bribery and in relation to bribery of a member of the Board of the Broadcasting Authority.

"The case had ended up with the Police, an investigation was carried out and as the Chairman of the Commission informed us, the Attorney General informed him that the matter did not proceed because the one who had reported it refused to proceed," he said.

"Well, our information is that the reason he refused to proceed is because when someone is involved in bribery he is prosecuted just like the one who receives the amount, that is, bribery, bribery are both offenses," he added.

Therefore, Ms. Charalambidou continued, "from the moment that the Legal Service was absent, from the moment that the Police was absent, we could not ask the reasonable question why it was not offered to the one who complained of exemption from the accusation of bribery, as was done with many prosecution witnesses in the case for example of SAPA so that the case can proceed ".

"Let me say that the Audit Office gave us checks which were issued by the specific canal chief to a specific person of the Council of the Authority. There was no name on the check, but there was his name on the redemption on the back of the check. "So the question arises: 'Did the police go to the Bank to check these? What conclusions did they reach? Did they stop the case because they refused so that the canal manager could not be prosecuted? These are questions to which we could not get an answer," he added.

Ms. Charalambidou stated, at the same time, that a huge issue of conflict of interest is raised, which should be addressed by the Board of the Authority itself now that through the Audit Service all these presumptions became known to them.

Answering a question, Ms. Charalambidou said that they were checks with the equivalent of € 250 each check, but there are many checks and all redeemed by the same person and there are invoices from other companies that delivered other products to that person.

He noted, finally, that they suggested that the meeting continue in order for the Police to come before the Commission in order to have a picture.

Source: KYPE