OP AMM / STOU: They stole a vehicle and were arrested 2 months later in Limassol

Burglary tools were also found in their possession

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Police arrested two people, aged 23 and 26, last night, to facilitate the investigation into a case of car theft, theft of license plates of a motor vehicle, possession of burglary tools during the night and offenses for violation of the Law. currency.

Specifically, around 10.30 p.m. Yesterday, members of the Police stopped a car moving on a street in Limassol for control. The driver of the vehicle was found to be 23 years old, while the vehicle was also carrying a 26-year-old.

A search of the car turned up 49 € 200 banknotes in a nylon bag, which appear to be counterfeit. Various burglary tools were also found and confiscated.

From further examinations it was found that the registration plates, brought by the vehicle were stolen, while after locating the real details of the vehicle, it was found that this too had been stolen in the province of Famagusta, on October 4, 2021.

The 23-year-old and the 26-year-old were arrested for spontaneous offenses and were taken into custody to facilitate investigations.

The Limassol TAE is investigating the case.