ETYFA: Intensive work for the ship that will supply natural gas to Cyprus Station

The installation of two vital components is in progress.

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Work on the Shanghai Gas Infrastructure Company (ETYFA) project, which will supply clean natural gas to the Vasilikos Power Plant, continues intensively, despite the difficulties posed by its global pandemic. Covid-19.

According to a press release of the company, the construction works on the ship "ETYFA PROMITHEAS", continued smoothly throughout the holiday season and are in progress for the installation of two vital components.

More specifically, as stated in the same announcement, at the present time the regasification unit (Regas) and the power module (Power Module) are being installed on the ship, in order to convert it from a simple Liquefied Natural Carrier (LNGC), to a Floating Storage Unit and Regasification (FSRU).

As the announcement of ETYFA explains, the regasification unit (Regas) is responsible for the conversion of Liquefied Natural Gas into a gaseous phase (Natgas), and this will then supply the Vasilikos Power Plant for the production of electricity for the Republic of Cyprus. The regasification unit is installed on the bow of the ship.

Regarding the installation of the Power Module, the company states that in order to further reduce the carbon footprint, ie the total gas emissions of the Republic of Cyprus, the contractor, China Petroleum Pipeline Company (CPP), has chosen to install a dual fuel power unit so that it not only drives the regasification unit, but can also supply the ship with the electricity required by all its other functions. The power unit, which is installed at the stern of the ship, will operate exclusively with Liquefied Natural Gas, from the cargo of the ship, however at the same time it will have the possibility of switching to diesel, in case of emergency, the announcement adds.

"Once these vital components are installed, the vessel is effectively transformed into a Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU), while fully maintaining its functions as a commercial liquefied natural gas carrier (LNGC). This is the reason why the work on the boat ETYFA PROMITHEAS is considered of major importance ", notes ETYFA.

China Petroleum Pipeline, the company that took over the project in Shanghai, has secured the amount of steel needed to build the two plants, despite huge supply problems and record prices created worldwide due to the pandemic, according to ETYFA, and adds that this has helped minimize potential delays faced by most contractors due to the pandemic. Representatives of ETYFA attended the steel cutting ceremony for the regasification unit on October 28, 2021 with construction work starting immediately after at the COSCO shipyard in China. According to the announcement, the steel cutting for the power unit took place on December 9, with the start of construction work.

ETYFA reports that "China Petroleum Pipeline (CPP) has developed a detailed plan - for the management of travel restrictions, lockdowns and other pandemic disturbances - which has been implemented successfully so far and without the need to sacrifice working days. A very important achievement, under the current conditions of the pandemic ".

The construction of the bases for the two units has already been completed at 52%, notes ETYFA, whose Representatives, under the umbrella of Hill International in Shanghai, monitor the progress and quality of the construction work.