"Bell" 3.000 euros against the company N.S. Pissaridis Ltd

Violations of the Law on Unfair Commercial Practices were found

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Violations of the Law on Unfair Commercial to Consumers were found 

The Consumer Protection Service announces the issuance of an administrative decision and the imposition of a fine 3.000, against the company Ν.Σ. Pissaridis Ltd for violation of the Law on Unfair Commercial Enterprises to the Consumers.

More specifically, the Decision was issued following an ex-officio investigation conducted by the Authorized Service, where the use of misleading practice by the company was found, which was deemed unfair in violation of the Law. 

It is noted that a commercial practice is considered misleading when it contains incorrect information and is therefore untrue or when, in any way, including its overall presentation, it deceives or is likely to deceive the average consumer, even if the information is, objectively, correctly, or anyway, when he leads or may lead him to make a transaction decision which he would not otherwise have taken.

The Decision is listed as such on the website of the Consumer Protection Service (www.consumer.gov.cy).