"Bell" € 1.900 to a 48-year-old for duty-free tobacco and cigarettes

What was found in the 48-year-old's house

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Members of the Paphos Police and officials of the Customs Department proceeded to the seizure of a large quantity of duty-free tobacco products and cigarettes that they located in an apartment in Pegeia.

According to the Press Spokesman and Head of the Paphos TAE Michalis Nikolaou, yesterday a search was conducted by members of the Paphos Police Department, in collaboration with officials of the Customs Department in an apartment in the Pegeia area belonging to a 48-year-old permanent resident of Cyprus.

As part of the investigation, said Mr. Nikolaou, a large amount of tobacco was found, namely 30 boxes of tobacco and 10 packs of cigarettes of various brands, which did not have the relevant labeling for harmful to health and as it turned out, these are duty-free items.

The 48-year-old was paid an out-of-court fine in the Customs Department amounting to 1.900 euros for the boxes of duty-free tobacco and cigarettes and in connection with the case of illegal possession and trafficking of duty-free tobacco products and fraudulent tax evasion and taxes in the Republic.

The examinations are continued by the Customs Department.