He went to work while he was in self-restraint - Fine € 8000

293 inspections were carried out in the Province of Famagusta

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The Police proceeded to complaints of 8 citizens and 4 premises in a total of 1.702 checks, from 6 p.m. on Monday morning, until 6 p.m. on Tuesday morning.

According to the Police, from 491 checks in Nicosia 2 citizens and 3 premises were reported. In Limassol 3 citizens were reported in a total of 96 inspections and in Famagusta 1 citizen out of 293 checks. In Larnaca There were complaints from 1 citizen and 1 estate, from 365 inspections, in Paphos 1 citizen was reported from 110 inspections, while in Morphou there were no complaints from the 179 inspections carried out.

It is noted that in two premises in Nicosia was fined € 500 each, in one case because the person in charge did not wear a protective mask in the other case because the person in charge did not wear a safepass. In Larnaca, was fined € 500 on a property because an employee did not bring safepass. At the same time, a fine of € 8000 was imposed on an estate in Nicosia because the person in charge was at work while he should be in self-restraint.

Another 162 checks were made by the Traffic Police and 6 by the Coast Guard, without any complaints.

Source: KYPE