"Bell" 500 euros to a 46-year-old for the use of a sound imitation device

What else was found in the possession of the 46-year-old

imagew 13 sound imitation device, Fine

An extrajudicial fine of 500 euros was issued against a 46-year-old in Paphos District for a case of using a sound-imitating device.

According to the Paphos Assistant Police Director, Michalis Ioannou, on Wednesday, at 10:30 am, members of the Thera Service located a 46-year-old man hunting, illegally possessing a device that produces mimetic voices of wild birds.

A further search of his possession turned up a shotgun, type DOKO, with three full cartridges.

On the same day, the 46-year-old to whom the above weapon belongs was taken to the Panagia police station and an extrajudicial fine of 500 euros was issued against him.

The weapon and the cartridges, as well as the sound imitation device were confiscated as evidence.

The Panagia police station is investigating the case.