No new incidents COVID-19 from a total of 1.059 diagnoses

imagew 10 Coronavirus, case

No new cases of the disease were identified COVID-19, out of a total of 1.059 laboratory diagnoses, the Ministry of Health announced on Sunday, according to data from the Epidemiological Surveillance Unit.

The following laboratory diagnoses were performed in detail, without detecting a case.

From the control program of 10,000 employees who were reactivated during the second and third phase of the strategy for gradual lifting of the restrictions, 133 laboratory tests were completed.

In the context of passenger and repatriation control, 511 laboratory diagnoses were performed.

From samples taken from a private initiative, there were results for 120 laboratory tests.

From the process of tracking the contacts of already confirmed cases, 8 diagnoses were performed.

From the Microbiological Laboratories of the General Hospitals, 106 laboratory diagnoses were completed.

From the samples taken in the framework of the referral program by Personal Physicians and control of special teams through the Public Health Clinics, 181 laboratory tests were performed.

Based on current data, the total number of positive cases remains 994.

In addition, the Famagusta General Hospital continues to treat a patient with COVID-19.