Kostriki "Nails" in Epidemiological Team: To be placed for AstraZeneca (BINTEO)

What he said about the pandemic in Cyprus and the mutations of the virus

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The front page hosted Dr. Leontios Kostrikis, who spoke about the AstraZeneca vaccine, while calling on the advisory committee to take a position on this issue.

He initially referred to the AstraZeneca vaccine and the decision of the European Medicines Agency, stressing that there must be an immediate response from the Medicines Council of the Republic of Cyprus. "We can not hide behind the announcements of Coreper. They have to decide whether they agree or disagree. "

He added that the insecurity of the citizens is fully justified. "The responsible organization in Cyprus must today take a stand and give its own opinion. She also called on the advisory committee to issue its own opinion on the AstraZeneca vaccine. "The position of Chairman of the Advisory Committee does not cover me. He himself had to call the Commission and decide on this serious matter. "If he can't, there are primary school teachers who can take the initiative."

He went on to talk about coronavirus mutations, noting that there are studies based on vaccinated people with Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, which show that one can be infected mainly by the South African variant.

He also explained that the more the virus is transmitted, the more likely it is that new mutations will form. He went on to say that 37 mutations were detected in Cyprus. "The longer we see these results, the more we will go into a problematic situation."

Finally, he said that the vaccines currently available are not as effective in the South African strain. "It is only a matter of time before he comes to Cyprus," said Dr. Kostrikis.

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Source: Sigmalive