A 39-year-old woman is wanted for vehicle theft and residential burglary

A testimony was secured against a 39-year-old woman

Screenshot 13 HOME, VEHICLE

A 39-year-old woman is wanted by the Police in Paphos to facilitate the investigations for an investigated case of vehicle theft on Wednesday night.

According to the Assistant Police Director of Paphos Operations Michalis Nikolaou, yesterday a 40-year-old reported that on the same day at around 21:30 his residence in Geroskipou was broken into, the car key was stolen and then his car was also stolen which was parked outside the house.

Members of the TAE Paphos who went to the scene, Mr. Nikolaou told KYPE, found that there was a door breach with physical violence.

From further examinations by the Police, testimony was obtained against a 39-year-old woman against whom a judicial arrest warrant was issued and she is wanted.

Police investigations to locate her continue by the Paphos TAE.