A bomb exploded in a vehicle in Paphos

Alarm to the Police

police4 bomb, VEHICLE, Paphos

A high-powered explosive device exploded last night at around 11.00:50 pm in a vehicle belonging to a company and used by its Greek Cypriot employee, age XNUMX, a resident of Mesogi, according to the Assistant Police Director of Paphos Operations, Michalis Nikolaou.

The complainant, according to the Police, complained that while he was sleeping he heard an explosion and when he came out of the house he found that there was a fire in the vehicle of the company he works for, which he put out using the rubber water from his house.

On the scene, in addition to the Fire Service, a Police pyrotechnician was also called, who, after relevant tests, found that the explosion was due to an improvised bomb containing a high explosive.

The scene remains cordoned off and under guard and further tests are expected later in the day.

Source: KYPE