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Today 24/11/2023, notices were published in the Official Gazette of the Republic to fill the following vacancies for specialized personnel in the Cyprus Police:

Database Administrator (Notification No. 5588/1352)
Forensic Electronic Data Analyst (Notification No. 5588/1353)
Forensic Psychologist (Notification No. 5588/1354)
Clinical Psychologist (Notification No. 5588/1355)
Developer Analyst (Notification No. 5588/1356)
Chemist (Notification No. 5588/1357)
Applications are submitted only through the website in the subject section "Employment and Insurance-> Applications"., until Wednesday 03/01/2024 at 14:00.

To proceed with the completion of the electronic application, the applicant must in advance create a profile as a Citizen (Natural Person) in CY Login, which must be identified. Profile identification is done in the following ways:

a) Through electronic banks (eBanking)

b) For people with a Cypriot ID, through a video call with KEP officials by appointment

c) By personal on-site visit to an Identification Center by appointment

More information on the identification methods is given in the following link (link)

During the application process, all relevant certificates should be scanned and submitted. Applications that are submitted late will be automatically rejected by the system.

Details regarding the required qualifications, duties and responsibilities of the position, as well as other information, are contained in the above notices.

Recruitment Office

Cyprus Police

Tel: 22808236, 22808247, 22808483