CCCI: Disagrees with Teleworking - Sent a letter to Zeta

The CCCI is opposed to the legislative regulation of telework

Zeta Aimilianidou, CCCI, Legislation, telework, Ministry of Labor

The CCCI sent a letter to the Minister of Labor, Welfare and Social Insurance, Zeta Aimilianidou, in which he expresses his disagreement with the implementation of telework with legislation, expressing the view that the social partners should consider the provisions of a relevant European agreement, aiming to find the elements that can be applied in Cyprus. 

The letter, signed by the Secretary General of the CCCI, Mario Tsiakki, explains that the implementation of telework in the EU is regulated by the European Framework Agreement for Teleworking, which was signed between the European Social Partners in 2002 and aims to form a general institutional framework for teleworking at European level, which contributes to the encouragement and development of teleworking in a way that is compatible with flexibility and job security.

"The agreement establishes the general principles of voluntary teleworking and aims to establish a general framework at European level to be implemented by the member organizations of the signatories to the agreement in accordance with the procedures and specific practices of the social partners at national level. level", is noted further.

The CCCI as a full member of the UEAPME (European Union of Craftsmen and SMEs), which is a European social partner that signed the agreement, follows this agreement which has as a basic principle the free consent of both parties in the implementation of telework, the CCCI clarifies.