Kostrikis: "If they do not want us I have a hundred jobs to do" - Cyprus near the line without return (BINTEO)

What did Leontios Kostrikis say about the new measures and the course of the pandemic

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Professor Leontios Kostrikis gave explanations both for his suggestion for the mask everywhere, but also for the necessity that led to this measure, speaking to OMEGA and on the show AIXMES.

The "mask everywhere" sends the message that there is danger outside and we are not in a state of normalcy. It is a process of security and not punishment. We will wear the mask because we have to if we draw a line. We are stubborn in Cyprus, said Mr. Kostrikis, who did not hesitate to say that our country is now very close to the line without a return in relation to the coronavirus.

However, Mr. Kotrikis did not hide his annoyance from the criticism they receive for their suggestions from social media, the members of the scientific team: "If they do not want us, I have a hundred jobs to do", he said characteristically.

In detail, Mr. Kostrikis in his statements pointed out:

The numbers are much higher than we are used to from March to May.

At the moment, the situation as described by colleagues in recent weeks is really critical.

I would not say that we have crossed the line without return, but we are very close to this line.

Infections are almost everywhere in the community. In businesses and at home.

So we all have to be extremely careful because if we miss this opportunity with the last steps, then it will be completely out of control and we will not be able to do many things for improvement.

People comply. I do not agree that people hold the mask on their arm. Most people have complied.

Our fellow citizens fully understand the urgency of the times.

For the mask everywhere:

It is indeed a very drastic measure. But we must understand that if this does not succeed, then there is not much else to do besides lockdown. I do not want to think about that word again.

It is not an oxymoron to be alone and wear a mask. Everyone agrees that we must take action. The numbers are very high and the reason has to do with many factors. Some of the people who follow all the instructions are tired. As we have said the pandemic is a marathon and not a road race.

There are also a significant number of people who believe that there is no virus. Also a significant number who believe that there is a virus but it is innocent and that we all exaggerate.

It is also known that there is a strong phenomenon of conspiracy theories on social media. There is also a lack of communication from both scientists and the media. There should have been a coalition of all the people who have to do with the right information of the public in order to educate the world better.

For his own action in relation to the mask and the meeting with the president and disagreements between the experts:

What we need to understand is that everyone agrees that we need to take action. Beyond that, the debate has to do with what kind of action we need to take. In this case we can not go to Lockdown but neither do we need to go to this option.

For criticism against the scientific team

Nonsense that we have a profit. If they do not want us, I have a hundred jobs to do. We all make suggestions. We are not executive to make decisions.

Source: Omega