Kostrikis: "A lockdown is in the repertoire of measures but we try to avoid it as much as possible"

What Leontios Kostrikis said about the course of the pandemic

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The sections of the Events hosted the professor of virology of the University of Cyprus and member of the epidemiological team of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Leontios Kostrikis, who spoke about the epidemiological picture of the country, while explaining that the epidemiological team will wait until next Wednesday and depending on the epidemiological data, new decisions will be made.

He initially said the situation was "extremely bad", adding that "we have not crossed the line of no return".

He stressed that we must be extremely careful in the steps that will be taken to curb the epidemic "because if we do not succeed the situation will completely disappear and it will be difficult to have it under our control. "It's too close to derailment and we can't pick it up."

He explained that we all have to wait until the middle of next week so that it becomes clear whether the new measures worked. "Right now the numbers are high but they have stabilized. "I'm not sure if we have reached the top of the new spike."

He added that if there is no reduction in cases by Wednesday, then they will have to find other ways to stop the frantic course of the epidemic. "A lockdown is in the repertoire of measures but we try to avoid it as much as possible. It would be absurd to say that the lockdown would not have significant effects on our country, I hope it will not be needed ".

Dr. Kostrikis pointed out that people are mentally tired, as it has been tested since March. He added that it is a mental burden, as people are under the ongoing measures with the application of the mask, while jobs as well as household finances are limited. "As the Minister said, this disease is a marathon and not a road race."

He said once again that people should implement the measures, as there are no specific drugs and vaccines that can be used. "Six to seven vaccines are on track and some of them will be licensed," he added.

Finally, he spoke about the mutation of the virus, clarifying that it is a natural property of viruses to mutate. "I do not think these mutations will be at a point where they will change the nature of the virus and affect the vaccine."

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Source: Sigmalive