CYPRUS: How many young people have used cannabis in the last year?

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4,3% of young adults in Cyprus and 4,5% in Greece have been using cannabis in the last year, according to data released today by the EU Drug Enforcement Administration (EMCDDA).

Subsequently, 0,3% in Cyprus used MDMA, 0,1% amphetamines and 0,4% cocaine. In Greece, 0,4% is recorded for MDMA and 0,6% for cocaine. At the same time, EMCDDA is talking about 838 high-risk heroin users in Cyprus and about 14 in Greece.

In Cyprus, 229 users are registered who have joined treatment programs (9 in Greece), while only 388 syringes (22 in Greece) have been distributed through special programs. There are 278 more cases of HIV transmission through a syringe in Cyprus and 415 in Greece (significant drop).

The same report records 895 cases of drug-related offenses in Cyprus and 17 in Greece, respectively. In both countries the 995 main substances seized were cocaine, vegetable cannabis, heroin, cannabis resin and MDMA. In Cyprus, 5 deaths from overdose were recorded and in Greece 6 for 67.

Source: KYPE