Students to Min. Education for parade: "Only for receptions…"

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An open letter from a group of students to the Ministry of Education, entitled "Parade or par-ela-and-si in inaction?", Is sent by the Central Student Councils of the Acropolis Lyceum and the Pancyprian High School.

Among other things, they criticize the cancellation of the student parade, saying that "we are only capable of receptions".

Below, the letter as it is:

"We swear that under the shadow of our holy counselors, as men, we will guard them vigilantly, and with self-sacrifice, fighting against the ideals of the homeland, we will steadfastly strive for the glory of the race and the greatness of the nation."

We put those words into practice today, Minister. The words that you dictated to the school banners to swear. Because it is a shame, while our ancestors defied the heavy winter and the frosts and fought heroically to stop the advance of fascism, we, terrified by some crumbs - which in the end never fell - CANCELED national parades.

Even if the weather signs were a deterrent for meteorologists, the same meteorologists who said it would not rain on Sunday 27/10 when in fact there were storms, cancellation is the last resort. Quite simply the parade could take place normally and if the weather worsened it was temporarily interrupted or postponed. Mr. Minister, since the forecasts were not certain, since simple mobile applications showed the departure of the cloud, you should wait until the last minute, until 11, to proceed with the cancellation. Do not make relevant announcements hours before the parade.

I will not say that the efforts of our teachers and our classmates were wasted today. Those of our classmates who gave their presence, despite your dissuasive recommendations, made the nation proud and applauded by the ordinary people who admired the island's youth. From the ordinary people who filled the empty stands of the officials. In any case, the parade is not for any of the politicians, we have not been preparing for them for a month, but to honor the heroes to whom we owe our freedom and who, being a few, defeated the monster of fascism. It is a pity that not all of our classmates could be there and that not all schools were allowed to follow our example.

However, the officials, who did not even come, were allowed to attend the reception of the Greek embassy. Because we are only capable of receptions after all τελικά Let you temporarily organize an honorary event. Let us do something, let us raise our banners and flags, let us not cancel everything.

We grew up with a "I do not forget" in our notebooks. But you forget, Minister, and we unfortunately forget with you. Why don't you cancel a national memorial so easily, if you haven't forgotten. Beyond the bands and the marches, it is the message of the parade that matters. It is the minimum tribute we can give to these people who sacrificed for a Cyprus, a Greece and a democratic and free Europe.

It should be noted that the last time a national anniversary was canceled was during the British…


Acropolis High School CMS
KMS of Pancyprian High School

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