Kundaktsi admits ordering Solomon Solomon's assassination

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All the details of how he ordered the assassination of Solomos Solomos on August 14, 1996, were confessed by the then commander of the Turkish army in the occupied territories, Hasan Kundaktsi, in statements to the Turkish newspaper Sozju. On the occasion of the case of mafia boss Sedat Packer, Hassan Kundakji confirmed in the newspaper that he had a brief meeting with Korkut Eken, but did not deal much with him because he had to deal with the events with the motorcyclists. He admits without hesitation that he gave the order for the murder of Solomos Solomos with a nod he made with his hand.

Hasan Kudaktsi, the commander of the Turkish Army Special Forces in the occupied territories at the time, told Sozju that he loved Korkut Eken and knew his heroism. Korkut Eken had come to Cyprus at that time and had a brief meeting with him. "In those days we were preparing more for an external threat against the 'tdbk'. There were elements of the terrorist organization leaking from the area of ​​Lefka. We could not deal with him anymore because of the external threat. Korkut Eken came to 'tdbk'. "I had a brief meeting with him," said Hassan Kudaktsi.

He states that there were calls from Greece and the Greek Cypriot side for a gathering of 8 thousand motorcyclists. "We focused on that, we were preparing for the measures we would take. Because we estimated that these people with powerful machines could pass from all sides, we took our measures accordingly. They stated that they were unarmed and would cross the green line, reaching Kyrenia. In fact, they wanted to see me to allow them to pass. I told them I would be against crossing the border. The motorcyclists had the air of 'we do not recognize anyone'. While there was such a threat, we did not care about anything else. Everyone had their duty. "We also assisted the Security Forces Command as needed," he said.

Hassan Kudaktsi said he had given the necessary instructions to the relevant units on what to do against those who tried to cross the "border", especially those who tried to lower the Turkish flag. "When I raised my hand, it was clear who would do what. Denktash also came that day. Denktash also told me about his previous experiences and I asked him a few questions. The date was August 14, 1996. The person who crossed the barbed wire and climbed to the pole where our flag was, 15 meters from the border, wanted to lower our flag. We warned him three times. He ignored it. I gave a final order to the commander of the area. It was clear what he would do with which slogan. I raised my hand and shouted 'knock'. If the flag goes down we can not stop there. I do not want to be the commander who has let the flag go down. I am a man who is ready to die for the flag, who respects the flag. He is unarmed, is it possible? 8 thousand motorcyclists will cross the border and go to Kyrenia. "They will lower our flag in Kyrenia, they will sing the Greek anthem in Kyrenia and they will leave and we will watch!", Kundaktsi cynically confessed.

Hassan Kudaktsi was appointed to command the Turkish army in the occupied territories on August 20, 1995, after completing his term in the operation in northern Iraq. "I knew most of the journalists but I had never met Mr. Koutlou. The commander of my security forces had worked to clarify the murder. "The killer or killers could not be found by the means of that time," he said.

Interpol has issued a red card for the arrest of Hassan Kudaktsi for the murder of Solomos Solomos and has not traveled abroad since.