Paralimnitis Nikolas Petrou behind the amazing video of the campaign of the Ministry of Tourism (VIDEO)

A 23-year-old man from Paralimni created the most beautiful video we have seen for our island ...

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Sending the message that "better days are coming", the Ministry of Tourism has released a spot where the beauties of Cyprus are presented.

In a post, the Presidency of the Republic sends a message to tourists that Cyprus is waiting for them. At the same time, he invites them to make plans for the future and always remember that the days will get better.

Paralimnitis creator behind the video

The video is a creation of Nikola Petros from Paralimni, who despite his young age has proved well that he is one of the best creators, not only in our country but worldwide. The 23-year-old from Paralimni, according to Famagusta.News, was approached a few weeks ago by the Marketing Department of the Ministry of Tourism, who have seen the amazing work he has created on social media and inviting him to create a video, mainly using its archival material to create a video that sends only one message: "Better Days Are Coming".

The young creator used the archival material he had for the last two years from the beauties of the island and added material from his family table, due to the travel ban and created a unique result that definitely attracts locals and foreigners with his indescribably beautiful landmarks. of our island.

You can find Nikolas Petrou here: Instagram / Facebook

Watch the unique video:

The campaign of the Ministry of Tourism: