Elementary school children remain unattended in the morning - "Schools have their railings closed" (VIDEO)

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Elementary school children remain unattended from 7:00 to 7:30, which is a great concern to parents and teachers.

The President of the Pancyprian Confederation of Primary Education, Sotiris Christofi, spoke about the whole issue on the front page, stating that the parents' associations are not responsible for the problem.

He added that as organized parents they tried to contribute with surveillance teams to ensure safety inside the school premises. He added that a large portion of parents do not have the opportunity to pick up their children after 7:30 a.m. at school.

Mr. Christofi explained that there are no financial resources from the Parents' Associations, but neither are there people who want to work for half an hour.

He added that the Ministry of Education should contribute financially to the Parents' Associations. "In the last two years, there have been no events that brought money to the associations."

He pointed out that some people have to bear the cost in order to find a solution to the issue. Regarding the proposal for supervision by teachers, he stated that it is a working issue for teachers. "The proposal was without a positive result."

Finally, he complained that there are schools that have their railings closed after 7:00. "It is the obligation of the school staff to open the railings at 7:00 for the students to enter the school."

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Source: Sigmalive