More than 90% of the 2021 conscripts submitted data through an electronic platform

93,4% of the 2021 conscripts ESSO submitted data through an electronic platform

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The participation of the conscripts of 93,4 ESSO in the process of submitting data and certificates through the electronic platform rose to 2021%, showing an increase compared to last year, when the participation had risen to 90%, the Spokesman of the Ministry of Defense told KYPE , Lieutenant Colonel, Christos Pieris.

At the same time, he stated that on July 15, "the inviolable electronic ranking selection system will run to place young people in Units of EF", while on July 19, "we will be able to rank as last year, and within the day , until noon, the conscripts will go with their own means of the Armed Forces to their Units to serve their term ".

"We are very happy with the online ranking this year. We see that the young people have understood the process and support this new way of classification, which will become an institution ", stressed Mr. Pieris, who noted that the whole process was completed on May 31st.

He added that the increase compared to last year is due to the fact that this year "if the electronic statement does not show their desire, they could not serve in the Special Weapons (Paratroopers, UC, Army) and Probationary Reserves".

He also stated that "last year the selection procedures for the Special Weapons were done after the ranking, as a result of which there were some gaps in Units that had an increased number of successful in the Special Weapons and we were forced to make internal moves after a week".

"This will not have to be done this year because we will know in advance who has managed to get to these Special Weapons and we will not need internal movements afterwards," he noted.

Regarding the procedures that will follow after the submission of the data by the new recruits, Mr. Pieris said that things are easier this year than last year, as all the selection procedures will be done before the classification, which will start on the 19th. July and will end on July 26.

Indicatively, Mr. Pieris stated that on June 22 both the medical examination and the supply of footwear and clothing will begin until July 2 and then, on July 5-6, the selection process of the reserve officers will take place.

He added that on July 7, the sport test will take place, which will be competitive for the Special Forces, UC, Army and Paratroopers.

Finally, Mr. Pieris told KYPE that "the classification of the postponed health will take place on July 12 and 13 in Larnaca to see which of them will be able to serve."