The cameras have been working since Saturday - Where will you see the photos?

How many cameras does the system work with and when will they work?

From next Saturday, January 1, 2022, the new photo-tagging system will be put into operation, which is expected to be completed in three phases.

Today, the system operates with four fixed and four mobile cameras, while a total of 90 fixed and 20 mobile cameras are expected to be installed throughout Cyprus, which will operate on a XNUMX-hour basis.

With regard to traffic violations, from 1/1/2022, the photo-labeling system will identify the following offenses, for which offenders will be reported:

Ταχύ Speed ​​limit violations
Ίαση Violation of red light
. Violation of the mandatory stop line in photo-controlled contributions

When the system detects any of the above violations it will also record violations such as:

Χρήση Do not use the seat belt
 Do not use helmets by motorcyclists
Γηση Driving with non-free hands (mobile phone or other object)

Then, when a violation is registered, an out-of-court settlement will be sent by mail to the owner of the vehicle. If the owner is not identified, the service will be made by an authorized donor or by the Police.

In case the owner of the vehicle was not the driver of the vehicle, he will have the obligation to declare to the Police who the driver was, within 15 days. The owner must complete and submit to the contractor company Part B of the out-of-court settlement, with the full details of the offending driver. If the driver agrees then, he can pay the extrajudicial fine.

The out-of-court settlement must be paid within 30 days otherwise the amount will be increased by half and can be paid within 45 days. After 45 days the case will be referred to the Court.

Upon payment of the fine, it is considered that the penalty points mentioned in the notice have been accepted.

The extrajudicial fine can be paid online, through the Police website or through a payment provider chosen by the Republic (JCC). The out-of-court settlement cannot be paid in installments, nor can the time of repayment of the fine be extended.

There are offenses for which no out-of-court settlement will be issued and the offender will have to appear in Court when the number of penalty points exceeds the limit, the speed limit is exceeded 75% of the permitted limit, the offender is not a driving license holder or has deprived of the right to hold or obtain a driver's license and the category of driver's license held by the offender does not comply with the category of driver's license required to drive the vehicle he was found to be driving.

When the offender is not located by the post office to receive the registered letter / (form F276F), it is then returned to the Contractor Company and the company subsidiary will make two attempts to locate and deliver the fine to the offender. If it is still not possible to locate him, efforts will be made again by the Police.

The owner of the vehicle can access a specific website (, so that he can see a photo of the vehicle and the driver who committed the traffic violation at the time of the violation as well as other information related to the violation.

For more information the public can call the phone number 80008009.