President: Cyprus can become a center of university education

Mr. Anastasiadis presented the actions of the state to support higher education in the country

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"We are convinced that our country can become a regional center of quality opportunities for university education, research, excellence and lifelong learning in cutting-edge fields." This was stated by the President of the Republic, Nikos Anastasiadis, during his greeting at the graduation ceremony of the University of Cyprus (PK), citing the actions of the state to support higher education in the country, and especially the PK.

Specifically, he spoke about the government's targeted policy for Higher Education, noting that specifically at the University of Cyprus "projects were completed that increased the dynamics of the Foundation, such as the construction of the" Stelios Ioannou "Library, the renovation and upgrading of Siakolio Education facilities Health Center, which currently houses the Medical School of the University, the renovation and comprehensive upgrade of the historically important area of ​​the Former Pedagogical Academy ".

He also added that further infrastructure projects are being promoted, such as the construction of the Polytechnic School, which is in progress, the Cancer Research Institute, the Medical School and Health Sciences "Nikos K. Siakolas", the Teaching Building of Medical and Biological Sciences " . Artemis Hatzipanagis "and the Building of the Department of Biological Sciences of the AG Foundation. Leventis ".

The President stressed that the development program of the PK promoted by the government has as a result "the campus to look like a construction site at that time". After all, he did not fail to point out that a large part of the program is covered by citizen donations, but also by a loan of 194 million euros, which the state has received from the European Investment Bank and the Council of Europe Development Bank.

"Of paramount importance for the upward course of the University is the decision of the Government to increase the amount of the existing loan from the European Investment Bank by 20 million euros, which will allow the promotion of additional infrastructure projects, such as the creation of a green park in the heart of the campus" , he added, noting that the conclusion of additional loan credits, amounting to 45 million euros, for the construction of 700 new beds in the dormitories of the University is under study.

President Anastasiadis also referred to the approval of the financing of the Center of Excellence for Research and Innovation KOIOS and the Center of Excellence for Biobank and Biomedical Research, with a total amount of 30 million euros, as well as the transfer of the School of Architecture to the University. dormitories, amounting to EUR 28 million.

"As a result of the policy we are adopting, Cyprus has in recent years become a pole of attraction for students, academics and researchers, while our Institutions are distinguished in the ranking systems of universities of reputable international and European organizations," said the President, expressing his satisfaction. for the fact that PK is moving between the 400 and 500 best universities in the world, while from the newly established it is in the 90th rank.

He went on to say that today, out of the total of 54.235 students / three who studied at the Higher Education Institutions of Cyprus, during the spring semester of the previous academic year, 23.812 are Cypriot citizens (44%), 21.611 are citizens of other European countries. (40%), while 8.812 are third country nationals (16%). He compared these figures with the fact that in the academic year 2012-2013, out of a total of 32.000 students, only 8.000 citizens from other European and third countries attended the country's Higher Education Institutions. He stressed, "that similar support to the University of Cyprus is equally enjoyed by all Public and Private Institutions of Higher Education in our country and beyond."

In closing, he congratulated the graduates, pointing out that their degree is, on the one hand, a reward for hard work, and on the other hand, paves the way for a new page in life, with "strong supplies of principles and values ​​given to you by your parents, who today, "With you, they justifiably feel proud," he said. "Always remember that your success will be a success both for your University and for our country", added President Anastasiadis.

He then paid special tribute to Marios Andreou, a graduate of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, and Eleftheria Kelekidou, of the Department of Economics, who received the highest scores and who, as a reward, are awarded the first and second prizes, respectively. Democracy.

Finally, he congratulated the Council and the Rector's Authorities, but also the Academic and Research staff of the University of Cyprus, "for the rich and beneficial work they produce, with a creative impact locally and internationally."