Falling of minors in drilling: "They had Saint-They were stepping on a stone to breathe" (VIDEO)

"For hours on end they called for help, but it was impossible for anyone to hear them"

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About the shocking incident with the fall of two girls in a 40-meter-deep hole in Lakatamia, Fire Department Press Officer Andreas Kettis spoke on the SIGMA show "Protoselido".

As he mentioned, the Fire Department a few days before the incident had issued an announcement regarding open wells and perforations, after dozens of calls mainly about animals falling into them.

We feared the worst was to come and our appeals were repeated, and yesterday we saw what we were warning about, he added.
He pointed out that the girls aged 9,5 and 11,5 years really had Agios and were saved.

As he said, while the two sisters were playing in a backyard, they stepped on a rough drill cover and ended up 40 meters deep inside it.
For two hours they called for help, but it was impossible for anyone to hear them.

Then the 9,5-year-old girl climbed into the drill pipe, came to the surface and called her father who informed the Fire Department, members of which rescued her 11,5-year-old sister who was taken to the hospital without serious injuries.

He noted that fortunately for the minors at the bottom of the hole there was a stone on which they stepped and so their heads were above the level of the water and they were breathing, while otherwise he said, it was very likely that there would have been drowning.

"Everything conspired to save us, but we will not be so lucky every time," concluded Mr. Kettis.