PtB: Cyprus often suffers from people with disabilities

"We have a long way to go to transform into a virtually accessible state, where everyone will have truly equal opportunities to participate in all aspects of life."

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We have to acknowledge that Cyprus often suffers from people with disabilities, said on Friday the Speaker of Parliament, Annita Dimitriou, noting that "despite the progress that has undoubtedly been made in recent years in how the state stands on the issue of 'disability', we have a lot to move forward, to transform into a state that is virtually accessible, where everyone will have truly equal opportunities to participate in all aspects of life. "

According to an announcement by the Parliament, in her greeting at the basketball game with wheelchairs co-organized by the House of Representatives and the COM, Ms. Dimitriou assured that she will do "everything possible, to promote the necessary changes, so that we can create together an inclusive society, where we will all live with dignity, equality and acceptance. " lack of infrastructure, non-observance and implementation of laws and regulations on accessibility issues. " Ms. Dimitriou said that "sport is a brilliant field where thousands of athletes with disabilities every day prove that their disability does not stop them, they do not On the contrary, he continued, "they show to the superlative degree ideals and values ​​of the athletic spirit, such as noble rivalry, perseverance and dedication to the goal, the mental strength in the face of failures, the determination to continue the fight." to the spiritual perfection of the ideal athlete. "As the Speaker of Parliament said, in a series of actions, which we think and act, to cultivate our empathy for the diversity of our fellow human beings and to break the stereotypes that we unconsciously carry within us ". In this way" we will be able to change the environment in which we live. "And the way we think and act as employers, as teachers, as public officials, as politicians," she said, concluding her greeting.

Source: KYPE