Hayate: He was paid 200 euros to hit us – Victims of the YouTuber who abused the disabled speak out

Their own testimony about the action of Hayate, the youtuber who was arrested for abusing people with disabilities, was shared on Wednesday morning by two of his victims

Screenshot 18 Hayate, disabled

Their own testimony about the action of Hayate, the youtuber who was arrested for abusing people with disabilities, was conveyed on Wednesday morning by two of his victims.

As they said, Hayate beat them badly, spat on them while there were cases where some of his thousands of followers, whom he called his army, paid up to 200 euros to see him beat disabled people.

"He beat me badly, spat on me, punched me all over the body," Red Dragon told ANT1. According to himself Hayate “has taken advantage of many people. The worst thing is that he would take 15 to 17-year-old girls, pour alcohol on them and forcefully pick them up and take them to the other room."

"It has hit a lot of people. Haters were paying up to 200 euros to hit us" added Red Dragon, who in November 2022 was himself arrested for molesting two minors

"He used to take the lot and we took the crumbs. He owes us a lot of money, he hated people who are tall" Bardos added for his part, adding that Hayate when the other YouTuber was arrested in Keratsini "played it softer".

Hayate is considered the "pioneer" of videos depicting the abuse of disabled people and counting millions of views. The 'Chief,' as he was also known, is a 35-year-old man who managed to turn the abuse of people into a 'money-making business'. Through social networks, and mainly youtube and tiktok, the "Chief" broadcast images in which the abuse of disabled people was recorded from time to time and collected thousands of euros from their "loyal" followers who could not "get enough" of seeing people being abused live transmission.

The 35-year-old has thousands of followers that he calls "Army", while in the past a mother had made a report about her child being beaten.

The… profitable process he followed during their broadcasts was as follows: Viewers set various challenges by paying the corresponding fee and the 35-year-old forced people who were facing various problems to carry out these challenges.

More specifically, the "Chief" is accused that during the period from the beginning of last January until yesterday, February 6, as well as in other periods of time, he continued to engage in abusive behavior that included insults, bodily harm, sexual acts, in burden of people with disabilities due to mental retardation and broadcasting them in real time on social media, forcing them to carry out various challenges that were set by viewers for a corresponding fee, with the aim of obtaining a financial benefit for himself.

More specifically, in the early hours of Tuesday, the 35-year-old carried out, in a live broadcast on the social networking platform TikTok, actions similar to those described above.

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Following this, at midday on Tuesday, officers from the Racist Violence Unit of the State Security Sub-Directorate went to his home, where a search was carried out during which seven hard drives and four mobile phone devices were seized, while he was arrested on the outskirts of the autoforo.

A case file was filed against him for "human trafficking", "bodily harm to weak persons" and "threat", with the aggravating circumstance of article 82A ""Crime with racist characteristics" due to disability".

The case in Keratsini

It should be recalled that last November, another Youtuber was arrested in Keratsini who committed similar acts of abusing young people with mental disabilities. Read the relevant report HERE.

Indicative of the extent of the abuse is the fact that the investigation at the time uncovered 554 horror videos which were being watched by 22.000 sick subscribers paying up to €150 to watch the victims suffer.

Source: protothema.gr