Fire in the occupied areas - Free on bail of one of the two suspects

Landowner Khalil Kartal was detained for another day

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One of the two arrested in connection with the large fire in Kandara was released on bail, while the owner of the plot, Khalil Kartal, was detained for another day.

According to the website of Yeni Duzen, in the "court" it was revealed that in the plot of Kartal, where the fire started last Tuesday afternoon, the works for the construction of the road and the placement of wire on the side, were done without the relevant permission, as in building located within the plot.

It is reported that it was the third hearing in the "district court" of Famagusta, since the arrest of the two men for causing the fire.

The charge they face is causing a fire by negligence.

The "police" reported that they studied optics from security cameras. The arrested person, with the initials Α.Σ, who was released today for the amount of 30.000 TL, is said to have come to the occupied areas with a "work permit". He was barred from leaving the pseudo-state until the case is heard.