The fifth grade Language book refers to a website of pornographic material

Parents, students and teachers are upset

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Disturbed are parents, students and teachers who find that in the language book of the fifth grade of the Primary School and in the chapter regarding the welfare of animals there is a reference to a website with pornographic material.

This is the website, which until recently presented content completely unsuitable for minors and today the domain name appears to be for sale and refers to other pornographic websites.

The Alpha News broadcast contacted the Ministry of Education, from which it informed that a teacher from last May identified the referral to a website of pornographic material. The Ministry of Education contacted the publisher of the book in Greece and the reference was immediately removed from the electronic version of the book.

However, because the books had already been printed and distributed for this school year it was impossible to recall them and a correction has been made for the next school year. The Ministry of Education has even requested the removal of all references to websites, as it is unknown what content they may display if they fall victim to hackers.