GREECE: He threw pesticide inside a kindergarten because the voices bothered him

Parents received an email informing them that the school will remain closed

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The Prime Minister of Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis, attends the annual blessing ceremony marking the start of the new school year, at the 2nd Primary School of Drapetsona, in Attica, on Sept. 12, 2022 / Consecration at the 2nd Primary School of Drapetsona, in the presence of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, in Drapetsona, on September 12, 2022

One more infuriating complaint is brought to light by LIVE NEWS, when parents of small children in Larissa were informed by the director of the kindergarten that they have to go pick up their children from school because the neighbor has thrown pesticide in the yard.

The parents, in shock, received an e-mail informing them that the school will remain closed, because a neighbor has sprayed the plants in the yard of the kindergarten with medicine.

"The neighbor next door sprayed. We were worried, of course. I believe that above all we must be human. Kids are over here. So if it was his grandchild he would do it? These are serious things, as you understand, we are talking about the safety of our children. My son cuts a flower every day and brings it to me at noon."

"It has been creating issues for many years"

They immediately began procedures to find who endangered the health of the young children. The manager discovered that it was the man who lives right next door, without ever informing her.

"This man is a neighbor and has been causing problems at the kindergarten for many years. The children are bothering him and the principal talked to him and admitted that he went into the yard. At first he said he jumped over the bars, then he said he had keys and admitted he dropped the pesticides," added the student's father.

In fact, according to the parents' complaints to LIVE NEWS, it was not the first time that this particular person caused trouble at school.

“From what we've learned, he's been doing these things for years. It's poison. If something happens to a child? A child would get sick and we wouldn't know where it was from. They are playing in these spots and the gentleman should pull himself together," they report.

"I go and get my child and then I went to the police to file a complaint. I finally found the principal at the school and the woman told me that she was suing. I was told that the matter was taken up by the public prosecutor," added the student's father.

"I dropped it in my yard"

The 65-year-old man who lives next to the kindergarten admitted that he has been spraying a kind of pesticide for days to dry the grass. He claims that this happened only in his home.

"The kindergarten and my principal's house are indeed adjacent. This particular drug leaves no residue and is a contact drug," said Nikoleta Burnova, the 65-year-old's lawyer.

She, speaking to LIVE NEWS, noted that what is being said about the case "conveys the image of a man who, because he was disturbed by the children, went so far as to throw pesticide".

As she said, her client is "accused of deliberately wanting to poison dozens of children". If this is the case, "prosecution authorities should have already been involved and due to his dangerousness, he should at least be in custody at the moment", he added.

At the same time, however, the parents of the young students say they are worried. "We made noise, because they are small children who you can't control where they will grab and where they will sit", complained the mother of a student and emphasized that this particular gentleman has been causing problems for many years because... he is disturbed by the children's voices.

In fact, according to her, she went so far as to file a complaint that the children are too young to close the school.

The case is being investigated with the 65-year-old being asked to give his own explanations.