The relaxations for June 1st are sealed today - The most probable scenario

At a meeting of the Council of Ministers today at 9

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The new relaxations in the light of the improved epidemiological data and the progress in the issue of vaccination of the citizens, will be presented before the Council of Ministers today, which meets at 0900.

The new relaxations, which are expected to be decided, will take effect on June 1. According to information, it is expected that the abolition will be decided from the 1st June of prohibitions on the movement of citizens. Also, that the operation of the interiors of the catering businesses will be allowed, while on June 10 the night entertainment venues will open.

In addition, the presence of believers in the Churches is expected to increase by 50%, based on the capacity of the temples, while the second phase of weddings and baptisms is implemented.

Until the 14th of the month, lunch or dinner will be allowed indoors, for 150 people indoors or 280 outdoors, while in this phase it will be allowed to hold a cocktail party with 250 people, at any time, only abroad space.

The third phase will take effect on June 15 and according to existing information, the number of people indoors is increasing to 250 and 350 abroad.

Regarding the cocktail party, the same data remain, ie 250 people outdoors.

From June 1, the fullness of the closed spaces of theaters, theaters and casinos is expected to increase up to 50%, while the same regulation will apply to the holding of conferences.