At 47 cases in the occupied - 5 news yesterday

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Three more cases of coronavirus were announced late last night by the "Minister of Health", Ali Pilli, with the total number of cases in the occupied areas amounting to 47.

According to reports from the occupied territories, Mr. Pilli made a statement to the illegal "Bayrak" that out of the tests (SS: the quick tests performed yesterday on staff and "police" at the quarantined hotel Salamis) 3 were positive. Thus, yesterday's total cases in the occupied areas were five.

Mr. Pilli said that the number of "citizens" of the pseudo-state who are confirmed cases has now reached 15 while the condition of the two German citizens who are treated in the special area of ​​the general hospital in occupied Nicosia has deteriorated and their breathing is mechanically supported.

Source: philenews