At its limits, Elias Gionis - bursts into tears through a new video

Activist Elias Gionis appeared again last night with a heavily charged video

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Activist Elias Gionis, known from the recent allegations regarding pimping circuits, appeared again last night with a heavily charged video. 

Elias Gionis, who brought to light the case of the alleged rape of a 24-year-old in Thessaloniki during a private party in a city hotel on New Year's Eve, breaks out saying that his effort continues but with obstacles everywhere, noting characteristically that "we are fighting against a monster".

He refers to the multi-page reports with data that he has sent to both the Greek and the Cypriot Police, from the examination of which he does not hide his concern that there may eventually be a cover-up.

He even notes, bursting into tears, that he has left his home for security reasons and is in an unknown location, away from his own who does not want to put them in danger.

Mr. Gionis's video already has thousands of views but also many messages of support from the people in the struggle he gives to lead, as he says, those responsible for such crimes to justice.

The video of Ilias Gionis: