The animals of Pafos Zoo are in the "fridge"

Difficult days for the animals of the Zoo due to the adverse weather conditions and the polar cold

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Difficult days for the animals of the Pegeia Zoo due to the adverse weather conditions, the polar cold and the heavy rainfall.

In his statements to KYPE, Ioulios Christoforou Veterinarian at the Pegeia Zoo noted that the animals of Pafos Zoo, like us humans, feel the difference of this era compared to other years.

This year, due to the very low temperatures at the Pegeia Zoo, which hosts hundreds of different species of animals, Mr. Christoforou said that some of them do not like it, but there are also those who enjoy the cold very much.

Indicatively, he referred to the Siberian tigers or animals that come from colder climates that enjoy the low temperatures and feel "like home".

However, there are additives for animals that come from Africa or from the warmer climates that are cold at this time of year.

We try at this time, he said, "very hard, to have all our animals as warm as possible", so he continued, "not to get sick, not to suffer and to continue their biological needs and their daily life, normally, as they would do any other day.

This continued, we achieve this with air conditioners, with underfloor heating, with heating in the water to swim.

For the reptiles he continued, which are the most vulnerable to the cold this season we have special bulbs that produce both sunlight and heat.

In relation to their behavior, the animals hosted at the Pafos Zoo in Pegeia are calmer in this area due to the bitter cold, with a few movements, they eat more food to burn more energy and to keep their bodies warm.

We keep trying to give them foods rich in fats, and proteins to keep their bodies warm.

He added, "we make sure that the nests or the houses or their rooms are always clean and with a clean and thick substrate to keep warm, such as with sheets of wood or hay, or in some cases with clothes on the ground, and blankets," he added. .

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