Meeting for pension of educational organizations, PASYDY, Assoc. Police

During the meeting there will be an assessment of everyone's data on exactly where the bill is, which has been prepared

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The three educational organizations, OELMEK, OLTEK and POED, together with PASYDY and the Cyprus Police Association, will have a joint meeting on the subject of the pension this morning.

In his statements to KYPE, the President of OELMEK Kostas Hatzisavvas said that during the meeting there will be an evaluation of everyone's data on the exact location of the bill, which has been prepared.

"There is a delay. From May 20, 2021, when the relevant agreements were signed until today, we note to our regret that it has not been forwarded to the Legal Service for legal technical review and then to Parliament to be voted on," he concluded.

The pension concerns the teachers and in general the public servants who were made permanent after 1.10.2011.

Source: KYPE