Ministry of Health: Today the meeting with TEU for the measures against the coronavirus

What does the Minister of Health say about the issue of relaxation

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The Minister of Health and the Scientific Advisory Committee (SCC) are meeting today to discuss the measures taken to curb the coronavirus pandemic, in the light of the epidemiological data being recorded.

The meeting is scheduled for 3 pm in the meeting room of the Ministry of Finance.

The Minister of Health, Michalis Hadjipandela, had stated last week that any possible relaxations in the measures will depend on the number of cases, but also on the hospitalizations, based on the reports of OKYPY.

Lecturer in Pediatrics at the European University of Cyprus and member of the Advisory Scientific Committee (SCC) of the Ministry of Health, Zoe Dorothea Pana, has stated to KYPE that the balance with which we manage to keep society open should not be disturbed, noting that in the debate For possible relaxations, the fact that we are still going through a pandemic wave, while we have steadily increased rates in hospitals, must be taken into account.