More flu vaccines will be ordered if there is a demand, says OAY

What is the situation with seasonal flu vaccines?

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Other vaccines against seasonal flu will be ordered if there is a demand, in addition to the amount of 135.000 vaccines that had been decided following the recommendation of the National Vaccination Committee, said the Senior Officer of the Health Insurance Organization (OAY) Panagiotis Petrou.

He noted that tomorrow, Friday, another 41,500 thousand vaccines will be received and delivered to personal physicians and pediatricians to start vaccination.

To date, 70,000 vaccines have been received in three batches and another 24,500 are expected within two weeks.

"This is twice the amount of vaccines that were ordered this year and if necessary we will order more. "The Ministry of Health is trying to increase the quantity of the existing contracts that it has and depending on the demand that the vaccines have, we will order other quantities as we need to bring them", said Mr. Petrou.

He explained that due to the increased global demand, it was not possible to deliver the entire quantity of vaccines in one delivery and therefore the delivery of vaccines is done in parts. He added that deliveries are difficult due to the coronavirus pandemic.

To date, he said, 65,000 people, mostly from vulnerable groups, have been vaccinated and given priority.

Last year, 88.000 vaccines were ordered, of which 5.000 were not requested.

Source: KYPE